Greenhouse Command Center

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The Greenhouse Command Center is designed to operate all of the equipment required to ventilate, cool and heat a single zone greenhouse.  It can operate two exhaust fans one of which can be a two speed fan, a louver for first stage ventilation, a motorized vent for maximum ventilation, an evaporative cooling system, circulation fans and up to two heaters.

The Greenhouse Command Center operates 5 stages of cooling and a single stage of heating.  It is a pre-wired controller with a numbered terminal strip for all connections.  The controller package includes all programming, layout and wiring information.  However, for convenience, the system is pre-programmed so it is fully functional as soon as it is initialized.

The system is programmed with a logical progression of equipment staging so that no equipment operates unnecessarily.  The naturally aspirated shielded temperature sensor is located in a forward quadrant rather than centrally located to further reduce unnecessary cycling of equipment.


  • All stages pre-programmed for the users convenience.
  • 5 stages of cooling and 1 stage of heating.
  • First stage fan may be single speed or two speed.
  • All components enclosed and protected in a NEMA12 panel box.
  • Keeps motorized vent open one extra stage on cool down to further dry evaporative cooling pads.
  • Temperature sensor supplied with 50ft cable for remote mounting.

Lead time to ship from our facility is approximately 10 - 14 days.