Aquaponic System

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Self-Contained Growing Solution

Aquaponics mimics a natural ecosystem.  The waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.  The system does not require a lot of measuring or monitoring.

The Aquaponic System 200FMF provides fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants year-round in a controlled, healthy environment.  The durable, commercial grade, small footprint design is perfect for class instruction or home-grown food all year long.  Aquaponic System has a 6' x 20' footprint and comes complete with a viewing window.  

Top of the line fish and crop tanks offer:

  • Opaque and blocks light through the tank wall, limiting the growth of algae
  • Thick walled and rugged single piece construction with no seams
  • No contamination
  • Long life in direct or filtered sunlight
  • 200 gallon black FDA approved food grade fish tank
    • 36" diameter x 48" tall
    • Small footprint with large capacity
  • 300 gallon light gray FDA/NSA approved BPA free crop tanks with UV inhibitors
    • 32 sq. ft of growing space or up to three 2' x 4' Styrofoam floating rafts

 The Aquaponic System includes the following:

  • All required tanks
  • Pump
  • Aerator
  • Tank supports
  • Complete plumbing kit including aeration lines
  • (3) Aquaponics grow rafts
  • (100) 2" Net Pots
  • (12) Expanded clay pebbles 50 Liter bags

Additional or replacement grow rafts, net pots and pebbles can be purchased separately.  Fish, fish food and seeds not included.

The Aquaponics System ship by LTL freight carriers.  A freight quote will be emailed to you for approval before your order is shipped.

Lead time 3-4 weeks.  Assembly required.